COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update
May 11, 2021

We're taking a number of precautionary measures to continue providing quality care to our patients while ensuring everyone's safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the time being, we are allowing one owner in the building with their pet. Curbside service is still an option for those clients who feel more comfortable doing so. Please give the hospital a call at 585-394-2288 when you arrive so our team member can instruct you further.

During this time, services may be limited and we may need to make changes to existing appointments. If your appointment is going to be affected, we'll contact you regarding the changes.

Our new, curbside program works as follows:

Call us at (585) 394-2288 when you get here. A team member will get you checked in for your appointment and still do a brief Covid screening prior to letting you in the building. If a room is ready and available for your appointment, the team member will instruct you to come to the door and ring the doorbell. They will then unlock the door and instruct you on which exam room to go into. We are limiting the number of people who are allowed in the waiting room, so we do ask that while you are in the building, you remain in the exam room until further instructed.

Participate in your pet’s appointment. We’ll be in contact with you during your pet’s appointment (if you choose to remain curbside). Just as you would during a traditional visit, you can speak with a doctor or technician to ask questions and voice your concerns. Make sure your give us your cell phone number to reach out at in our parking lot.

We'll perform any necessary treatments and prepare your invoice and all take home medications for your pet. We’ll return your pet and complete the payment process. After your pet’s appointment is finished, we’ll cash you out in the exam room. For any curbside appointments we will cash you out over the phone. At the moment, we’re accepting cash, check, debit, and credit.

If you’re feeling under the weather or have traveled out of the country, please reschedule your appointment. Keeping everyone safe is our top priority. You won’t be penalized for rescheduling, and we will do our best to work you back in as quickly as time allows.

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Thank you

Finger Lakes Animal Hospital