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Emergency and Urgent Care Hospitals

Emergency and Urgent Care Hospitals
February 26, 2024

Updated list of Emergency and Urgent Care hospitals.

Listed below are 24/7 emergency locations and clinics that offer emergency.  Some of them may require a drive, so always call ahead. 

Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center (Buffalo)- (716) 662-6660 (open 24 hrs)

Veterinary Medical Center of CNY (Syracuse)- (315) 446-7933 (open 24 hrs)

VCA Colonial Animal Hospital (Ithaca)- (607) 257-3650 (open 24 hrs)

Cornell Emergency and Critical Care- (607)-253-3060 (open 24 hrs)

Green Acres Veterinary Center  (Tonawanda)- (716) 694-0122

Geneseo Veterinary Care (Geneseo)- 585-519-4140

Greater Buffalo Veterinary Emergency Clinic- (716) 403-4370 

Listed below are urgent care locations that offer emergency/urgent care. These places are NOT 24 hour facilities. Please visit their website to check hours. Some of them may require a drive, so always call ahead.

Rochester Emergency Veterinary Services-  (24 hour on the weekend) (585) 775-0020

Macedon Veterinary Care- (315) 986-4246  

Ark Veterinary Hospital-  585-632-4587 

Pittsford Animal Hospital- (585) 271-7700 

Animal Intermediate Care(585) 694-7901 

Northtowns Veterinary Emergency Services (Buffalo)- (716) 213-0283

Erie Canal Animal Hospital (Spencerport)- (585) 349-7387

We do have some recommendations:

-If you find yourself in an emergency or urgent situation with your pet, we recommend you do not use Google. For any toxin ingestions, please call Poison Control (888-426-4435, there is a $95 fee) or use Vet Triage at VetTriage.com/fingerlake to speak with a veterinarian ($50 fee). There is a Facebook group called "Poisons Help; Emergency Identification for Mushrooms and Plants". This page does not offer any medical advice and will direct you to call Poison Control, but they will aid in helping identify any plant or mushroom and if it is toxic or not.


-Make sure your pets are current on their annual exam and vaccines. If they are coming due, please call to get them scheduled soon (we are currently booking 4 weeks out).

-If your pet’s appointment is scheduled with a technician, please let us know if you have any concerns while scheduling prior to your appointment. We will not be able to switch to a doctor appointment if you have additional concerns.

-As always, we recommend yearly preventative lab work on your pets. The doctor always does a thorough physical exam, but lab work will give them a “look under the hood”. This testing will show underlying issues that have not started to show any outward signs.

-Even if it is something minor and you think it may be an issue with your pet, please call us! We are always happy to answer your questions, give you recommendations, and possibly get your pet in before that minor issue becomes something major.

-Accidents and illness happen when you least expect it, but any preventative measures you can take as a pet owner the better. Walk on a leash or keep an eye on your pet while outside. If your pet is prone to eating things they shouldn’t- keep the trash can tucked away, socks, other small articles of clothing, gloves, etc. picked up off the floor. Monitor playtime with toys.


Unfortunately, this is not only a local issue, but nationwide and it is not only limited to emergency clinics. Amazing doctors, technicians, and support staff are leaving this field at alarming rates and fewer people are entering it. The protocols we put in place are what we have to do to keep everyone healthy and safe. If our team gets sick, especially our doctors, we will not be able to be here for you and your pets. We will do our best to take on what emergencies we can, but there will be times when we have to refer out these cases.